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"Medicare Primer"

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Be the only one using your identity
Understand Medicare Insurance Choices

Are you sharing your Social Security # yet?

Low Rates vs Cheap Insurance

 Will you be turning 50 soon?

Turning 50 can be a critical age because your social security depends somewhat on the last ten years you work and pay payroll tax. An independent study by Boston College is a very quick and interesting read.

Medicare Insurance Choices

Three ways to go (get the book)

With the right information you can make the right choices

Educate yourself

Searching the Internet for insurance is similar to giving yourself a haircut, going to court without a lawyer, or attending an IRS audit without a CPA

Never call an insurance company and sign up

That internal sales agent you are talking to on the phone is 7 states away and you will not be able to hold them accountable.

It is a violation of the law for an insurance agent to phone you regarding Medicare choices unless you mailed them permission.

Agent/employees representing only one insurance company sell what their manager tells them to sell, not what is best for you.

A local Independent Broker cost you nothing and should save you a lot. (Medicare Specialist)

Read the book, learn how to pick an agent!

The local Medicare specialist has every reason to treat you right.

The Insurance company has every reason to sell you the plan that is most profitable to them including their $0 premium plans.

If you truly wish to understand your options, get my book.

100% of people I educate are prepared for changes to Medicare that WILL happen in the future.

Do you think your health will get better or worse over the next ten years?

An agent who offers you Medicare Advantage plans is required to have you sign a "Scope of appointment" form, specifying the plans she/he will talk about.

Have them also talk about Medicare Supplement Plans and Prescription Plans and how they work together or separately. That agent is also required to furnish you a "Summary of Benefits" document.

If your agent works directly for ONE insurance company you really need a different agent.

  My goal is to take the confusion out of the process of choosing your health plan

Get specific answers to your questions  

My book is also available on Amazon.com as an ebook or under the title Medicare 101 as a Large Print book. Large Print Book

"Medicare Primer"  is available on Amazon.com as a large print book. Large Print Book for $17.77 and as an ebook for $9.99. The ebook is much easier to search.




I want you to know what you are selecting

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